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I want to use rsync to clone/backup a server such that if the main server goes down (or I accidentally rm -rf /usr instead of ./usr again) the recovery time should be in the order of minutes.

ssh key-only login for root

This doesn't allow root to login with a password, only with a key.

sudo su -
ssh-keygen -f .ssh/id_rsa -P ''
cat .ssh/id_rsa.pub >> .ssh/authorized_keys


PermitRootLogin without-password
PermitEmptyPasswords no

rysnc backups

Both servers have the exact same hard drive partitioning scheme and files - minus the UUIDs, network configuration, and backups folder.

Of course, I don't want to backup



/usr/bin/rsync -avh / ${CLONE}:/ \
      --exclude=/dev \
      --exclude=/proc \
      --exclude=/sys \
      --exclude=/media \
      --exclude=/tmp \
      --exclude=cache \
      --exclude=/etc/fstab \
      --exclude=/boot/grub \
      --exclude=/var/run \
      --exclude=/etc/hostname \
      --exclude=/etc/cron.daily/backup \
      --exclude=/etc/network/interfaces \
      --exclude='.git' \
      --exclude='.svn' \
      --exclude='.gvfs' \
      --exclude=/mnt/local/backup/ \
      --backup \
      --backup-dir=/mnt/local/backup/`date '+%F_%H-%M-%S'` \



man sshd_config

         Specifies whether root can log in using ssh(1).  The argument
         must be ``yes'', ``without-password'', ``forced-commands-only'',
         or ``no''.  The default is ``yes''.

         If this option is set to ``without-password'', password authenti-
         cation is disabled for root.

         If this option is set to ``forced-commands-only'', root login
         with public key authentication will be allowed, but only if the
         command option has been specified (which may be useful for taking
         remote backups even if root login is normally not allowed).  All
         other authentication methods are disabled for root.

         If this option is set to ``no'', root is not allowed to log in.
Updated at 2010-10-11
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